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The COVID-19 crisis has been a huge blow to the real estate industry–but the smart money is going to take the best and most current market data and newest real estate technology.

I want to help you, and help your friends and colleagues in the real estate business.   Thus offering a new program to access new real estate technology FREE for a month.  Just watch our short training webinar, can get full access to any Metro Market, for a Month for Free.


You get 20% off, AND anyone you refer gets 20% off too.  A Strong win-win!  You can learn more at

A little bit more about me and why more current market data matters….

I’m Eddie Godshalk, the founder of Zip Analyser.   Zip Analyser is the first company to deliver current local market data with accurate local real estate forecasts.  This market data is all delivered in the ONLY, real-time data visualization platform available today, to help Investors and real estate professionals.

I have bought over 40 properties, an MBA in real estate, built AVM’s and the most accurate, 98%, real estate forecasting models available today.  While building these models, I discovered that real estate investors AND Realtors DON’T know, OR have ACCESS.

For example:  Anyone can watch the news today and see that unemployment rates, median incomes and disposable incomes are ALL changing.  But when you go to Realtors or Zillow or ANY Website, and look at the latest demographic and economic data for your Zip Code, it shows NOTHING has changed since 2019.   ONLY Zip Analyser has this Critical Current Market Data to help professionals.


  • How to make more profits and access current market data, which Zillow and Realtors do not have

Audience Benefits: Learn the secrets of filtering – To find ANY top local markets in seconds.

  • What are the top 3 Leading Economic Indicators that affect Risk, which Realtors won’t tell you!

Audience Benefits: Learn the benefits of LEIs and LDIs – Critical data only available through new data visualization technology.

  • Learn the 3 Top Secrets Realtors won’t tell you – You need to know, before you buy your next home!

Audience Benefits: Learn the secrets of access better data to know when & where to buy or sell

Again, the special offer to Realtors is at

As always, I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.  Stay well and stay in the game,


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