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Investments are time sensitive. As a smart investor, you should strive to be a shareholder in a startup if a particular product is in high demand. In the same vein, one has to be futuristic. Certain innovations are not in high demand right now but are bound to take the industry by storm in a few years. Thankfully, Proptech solutions are becoming increasingly popular, and early investors are bound to reap a fortune in the nearest future.

According to research conducted by World Atlas, real estate is the biggest industry in the United States, with a GDP growth of 13%. Likewise, this industry leads the pack globally with an estimated worth of $277 trillion. The reason for this growth is evident. Every other sector relies on real estate. And with a surge in demand for automation and flexibility, the potentials of Proptech companies are just enormous. Below are reasons you should invest in a new US Proptech startup.

  • Real estate properties need more promotion

Without a doubt, the real estate business in the United States is lucrative. However, there’s a major problem owners and property managers have to battle. Anxiety usually sets in when managers cannot find a reliable platform to promote their properties. And ineffective promotion only means that there would be difficulties in sourcing interested buyers or tenants.

Accordingly, if there are effective Proptech solutions in the form of rental apps or websites, both tenants and landlords can interact and reduce vacancies without breaking a sweat. No serious real estate practitioner will have access to such a digital solution and not rush the offer. Thus, you are creating a solution vis-à-vis making mouth-watering profits.

  • Property tours

Clients are not always looking to rent an apartment or buy a house within the same locality. Many times, US residents relocate to neighboring and even far states. Therefore, the question that arises here is how will they inspect their preferred properties? Additionally, inspection takes time and also saps energy. Clients are usually worried about house tours because of physical exhaustion.

The traditional property tour method could have worked in times past. But the generational trend has shown that clients want a more convenient alternative. Clients would be happier if they could tour their desired properties right from the comfort of their room. And a new Proptech startup can milk this through VR technology.

  • Geolocation 

The real estate industry is data-driven. Companies have realized that they can barely survive the competition without accurate data. Hence, the high demand for artificial intelligence.

With AI, agents and landlords can get valuable data and information about the location of a property. Such insights can then be used for analyses, predictions, and accurate decisions. Without a doubt, this is a profitable Proptech niche that startup founders and investors can maximize.

About Zip Intel

Zip Intel is a new Proptech startup invested in helping real estate professionals gain a competitive advantage with real-time data and information. To make millionaires from this valuable idea, the company is offering investors a massive chunk of the startup on a platter of gold. You can join the company’s official event in-person on April 7th, 2022.

new proptech
new proptech

The Bottom Line

Real estate continues to maintain the top spot as the most secure world asset. As more people are looking to invest in the industry, the urgency for client-friendly innovations becomes more pronounced. Consequently, this leaves investors and Proptech founders a huge opportunity to impact and ultimately make massive returns.

If you are interested in joining or co-owning a new Proptech startup, today might be your lucky day. And if you want your friends or families to be part of the train, you can invite them via this link.

However, you should bear in mind that slots are limited. Take action now and secure a seat at the table.






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