Most Current Market Data

Submarket and market growth statistics and precise local real estate forecasts can only be found on Analyser, the only online source for the most current market. While most real estate websites and our rivals only update their market data once a year, we do it every month, quarter, and year. The only other source for up-to-date information on the real estate market is our site. Not much of an impact on risk, opportunity, or profit from outdated data.
Most Current Market Data

Using Zip Intel, real estate investors, brokers, and small companies may find out where to invest, where to locate, and how much money they can make by selling their properties at the right time.

Data on local market growth and realistic estimates for local real estate are the first to be provided by our business. We spent over five years collecting public and private data, which is updated on a monthly or quarterly basis, in order to construct our models.
Submarket and market growth statistics


R&D and testing lasted for a total of over 10,000 hours!

Most Current Market Data


We have the most advanced forecasting models in the real estate market.


An API for real-time data maps and reporting was created.

local market growth


There are 2 tiers below the Zip Code that cover over 310,000 markets.

Return on investment (0) Mortgage and mortgage insurance companies can improve their pricing and underwriting methods You may concentrate your efforts on areas with more potential while avoiding troublesome ones. As a result companies will have the ability to re-insure or re-balance their portfolios of loans. Prior to the correct pricing being shown Zip Intel may assist consumers unde.

The table below shows the unique real estate market data and growth data that any investor or broker can leverage to find the best real estate market, in real-time.
Growth Period and Time Period Last 3-Months Last 6-Months Last 12-Months
Coverage Block Groups Census Tracts Zip Codes
12-Month Forecasts
24-Month Forecasts
36-Month Forecasts
Leading Economic Indicators Block Groups Census Tracts Zip Codes
Median Income
Average Income
Median Net Worth
Average Net Worth
Median Disposable Income
Average Disposable Income
Labor Force
In Labor Force
Unemployment Rate
Latest Leading Housing Indicators Block Groups Census Tracts Zip Codes
Median Home Value
Average Home Value
Affordability Index
Renter Occupied Housing
Owner Occupied Housing
Vacant Housing
Vacancy Rate
Total 1-Bedroom Rentals
Total 2-Bedroom Rentals
Total 3-Bedroom Rentals
Total Studio Rentals
Group Quarters
Risk Factors Block Groups Census Tracts Zip Codes
Total In Poverty
Crime Index
Number of Businesses
Number of Jobs
Community Factors Block Groups Census Tracts Zip Codes
Male Population
Female Population
Median Age Male
Median Age Female
Population in Households
Persons per Households
Total Households
One Person Households
Married Couple Households
Married Couple Households with children
Married Couple Households without children
Vehicles Per Household

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