Imagine if you were a salesperson, a Realtor and seller, of the largest asset group in America – Real Estate – and that you did not have access to current data.  Just imagine that.  And any homebuyer or seller or real estate investor,  can watch the news and see that unemployment rates, median incomes and disposable incomes are ALL changing.  And have changed last month.  How would new technology for real estate market analysis in the Covid-19 Crisis change ALL that?

Especially since today no website, MLS, CoStar, Zillow or Realtors, Zillow shows or has or shows the changes in this data!  How could new real estate market analysis change all that?

How can any real estate adequately advise a customer or buy in this situation or and investor know where to buy and when to sell?

There has to be a solution.

And there is.

But it takes new data that is NOT online and new technology that is not online or known.

New Real Estate Market Analysis Technology

A good research article by Allwork just published this at about this is at Ways New Technology is Disrupting the CRE space that stated:

The best technology empowers people and enhances human choices.

YES BUT the core data as to where to buy, within the 300,000+ US markers and sub-markets, is still illusive without fresher and more current market data.6. Technology in CRE is early in the game.

“We’re in the second inning,” observed Harry Blanchard, director, CRE, Moody’s Analytics.

“No one wants to be first. But no one wants to be last either,” added Brian Mascis, CRO, Rockport VAL.

7. Data is currency and provides an edge when used properly.

Data on its own can be a commodity. Its value is not how we look at it but how we use it.

Decision-making is changing based upon access to data and new technology that give access’

What is needed?

To be effective, smart, and successful CRE salesperson or investor you need

  1. Access to the most current local market data
  2. Knowledge of what’s growing AND declining
  3. Accurate local real estate forecasts and/or know what affects local risk and opportunities for yourself or your client.

To know where to, and when to, buy and sell…..  BUT today, this data is all missing online.

The Solution?

After many years & over 10,000 hours of development, I have built a similar solution that BIG builders, retailers, and Investment firms build in-house. So any real estate broker, or real estate investors can access the data in real-time.

I am just launching our new technology for real estate market analysis with accurate local real estate forecast, Zip Analyser, with a Free Trial where you can  access to any County of the USA.  This way any real estate professional can access current market data while this Covid-19 crisis is occurring. 

I am looking for reviews, JV Brokers, and partners.

Who do you know?

Ping me or leave a comment if you know anyone or if interested in doing a review.

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