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Today, real estate investors and syndicators have a patchwork of inadequate and unreliable tools. It’s impossible to get a full view, current market data, or the insight required to make educated and lucrative choices in real-time with any other technology.

Most of the 7 million real estate agents and investors have no access to current (monthly or quarterly) economic and demographic data, or reliable local projections. Existing offline systems are also incredibly costly to create — costing over $500,000, with enormous recurring data expenses. They’re also time-consuming. Zip Intel is a simple point-and-click solution, which is just what is required.

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Data visualisation platform Zip Intel provides the most recent demographic and economic growth facts, as well as a 36-month local real estate market forecast, and reports.

Using Zip Intel demographic and economic growth statistics, investors in commercial and residential real estate will be able to make more money. This is the first tool of its type to leverage data-mapping technology.

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We Provide Solutions

We Provide Solutions

Data accumulated over a period of five years is the foundation of our company. For the best local housing projection in the business, the following data is necessary: For each submarket, real-time data maps are used to identify where and when to purchase or sell. Use this tool to discover new markets in a matter of minutes. Because we’re hosted in the cloud, we can quickly incorporate our technology into your website.

Data on market and submarket growth, as well as economic indicators and projections for specific markets should be available to all real estate professionals in order for them to make educated purchasing and selling choices. Reduce your risk and create better real estate investments. Today’s real estate professionals and investors are fumbling through the air with their heads held high in confusion. Because this information is not available online. We developed Zip Intel as a result of this conflict.

How to Become Successful Real Estate Investor?

To become a successful real estate investor, it is important to keep an eye on local markets. As a result, if you depend on obsolete annual market data, you run the risk of losing your whole real estate portfolio if you don’t sell and purchase when the market is correct. Predicting the local real estate market has never been easier due to our extensive market coverage and leading economic and demographic statistics. Reduce your exposure to risk while increasing your revenue and profitability.
Success in real estate depends on making educated judgments, and local submarket forecasting data is the key to making those informed decisions. We started Zip Intel to make local market data accessible to real estate professionals. Once we had put in more than 10,000 hours of testing and development, we went live. Everyone in the real estate sector may benefit from Zip Intel now that it is accessible.

How to Become Successful Real Estate Investor

Zip Intel – offering real estate investors, brokers, and small businesses, solutions on the exact best place and time, to buy or sell to maximize profits

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