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  • Zip Intel Reports help the Real Estate market make better buying and selling decisions by showing Increased ROI, sales, and revenues. Our reports optimize your investment portfolios, based upon the latest local growth and 36-month forecasts. Zip Intel adds Value with access to local growth data. Reports can be customized for your client with your local expertise and insights.
  • Clients find the most value in the confidence that Zip Intel provides in answering some of their toughest market questions.  There’s a lot of information out there about Real Estate, but no current local market data or growth data, and it’s the Real Estate professionals job to connect the dots on behalf of our clients, to paint a picture that describes what’s taking place in the real estate market so that their clients can make powerful and confident decisions when buying and selling Real Estate. This creates instant value!
  • Even the most popular Real Estate companies or intelligence software lack the online tools offered by Zip Intel. Real Estate agents can save thousands of hours and dollars on buying data from countless vendors, as Zip Intel aggregates all the current economic and demographic growth data they need and delivers with vastly improved dynamic technology.

Zip Intel offer 2 different reports, click below to see Samples

Market Intelligence Report

  • The Market Intelligence Report provides a quick custom solution for your Market Data needs. With a custom real estate growth data report, you can request the specific market research and trends you need for each of your projects. We give you the power to choose what bests sells your local market with customizable local reports.
  • We provide Real Estate professionals with monthly/quarterly updated local real estate market growth statistics. These reports are an amazingly powerful tool for use with client’s meetings, listing presentations and general communication about the market. 
  • Choose up to 3 weighted leading economic indicators. Build custom reports, based up local facts and growth – Build strong custom marketing materials, to grow your business. Serve your clients better, add immediate client value.  Add the property data to create INSTANT customer value.  Zip Intel delivers new cost-effective, data-driven, local market analytics technology, so you can get your competitive advantage.

Comprehensive Real Estate Forecast Report

  • The Comprehensive Real Estate Forecast Report is based upon the local market you select and time period. Make better buying and selling decisions – Increased ROI, sales, & revenues. Optimize your investment portfolios, based upon the latest block-level 36-month forecasts.
  • Zip Intel is the only company that shows what is growing, and forecasts, with the local growth being in many cases, why the local market will change in the future, with our local price forecasts.  Optimize Investment Portfolios with more granular and accurate forecasting models.
  • Zip Intel lets you find the answers.  Why?   It is because the local growth in population, median income, disposable income etc. that really matter.  The local growth of leading economic indicators are typically the core variables that affect risk and prices.  So, you can not only see what local market variables are growing or declining, but what will be the actual forecast number are in the next 36-months.

Zip Intel – offering real estate investors, brokers, and small businesses, solutions on the exact best place and time, to buy or sell to maximize profits

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