What makes Zip Intel Unique?

We are the only aggregator of monthly/quarterly demographic and economic data that displays critical Growth Data on all local US markets in real-time. We have superior – Granularity, submarket analytics, and local price Forecasts that are unrivaled in the real estate industry. Along with dynamic customizable data visualization technology that instantly displays the latest growth data.

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  • Make better buying and selling decisions – Increased ROI, sales, and revenues.
  • Measure and analyze any local housing market in seconds – Pinpoint what’s hot or not.
  • Find emerging markets & make more profits.
  • Build strong strategic advantages and marketing materials, to grow your business.
  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars on building it yourself.
  • Optimize your investment portfolios, based upon the latest local growth and 36-month forecasts

All the local market data you need. All in one place. Easy-to-use online mapping with data on: demographics, economics, real estate, jobs, and more in over 300,000 markets across the US. Subscribe to start making maps, tables, and reports in minutes. Make maps. Fast in real-time.

  • Visualize the latest demographics from Census Block Group, as well as unique proprietary data and local price forecasts.
  • Find areas that meet multiple criteria.
  • Use our unique 6-Layer Maps tool for site selection, to find hot spots, or to target specific areas.
  • Easily create market reports.
  •  Run reports for predefined areas like Census tracts, counties and metro markets, and create a custom radius searches.

Zip Intel – offering real estate investors, brokers, and small businesses, solutions on the exact best place and time, to buy or sell to maximize profits

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