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Zip Intel changes hard-to-find datasets into visual information, and finds “unseen” correlations, to help businesses gain strong strategic advantages. Our propriety dynamic data mapping software takes a quantum leap in real estate investing, with local residential and commercial real estate analysis as to what affects LOCAL price changes. With our ±2% accurate local forecasting models, user generated ranking technology, and user generated heatmaps, investors will finally be able to make smarter decisions, no matter if the local market is going up of down in value, in their backyard, or 3,000 miles away.

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Current risk models are antiquated, filled with false assumptions, do not take into account local market conditions or trends, and historically proven to fail terribly. Most critical location-based data is neither online, nor available to brokers or investors, in a usable format. Businesses need accurate local predictive models, to properly assess today’s and tomorrows risk. Without knowing the future and what affects hyper-local markets, businesses and commercial real estate investors, are left uninformed, and the $15 Trillion commercial real estate market in the fog of risk.

Our Accuracy

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The Zip Intel Home forecasting system tested hundreds of variables to find the ones that best predicted movement in the future prices of home values. For over five years, Zip Analyser has back tested the system in order to improve the results and improve the probability accuracy ranges. 

Typically it takes four years of monthly/quarterly Census Block Group data, to develop 36-months Census Block Group forecast with back-tested Probably Accuracy ranges.

Reliable Data

  • Zip Intel analyzes reams of data from multiple sources to help real estate specialists stay on top of their markets. We gather seemingly endless amounts of data about homes, loans, people, communities, schools, crime, job statistics, climate, environmental factors and much more.
  • At the household level, the platform crunches data like the number and age of kids in the household; the owners’ buying behavior; last date of the mortgage; assets; profession; and length of time in the home.
  • We buy a lot of data every month/quarter; none is pulled or online, from various brokers – the same type of data which big builders and retailers buy, aggregate, and build their proprietary in-house location analytics systems with. Some of these data brokers include: Experian, Acxiom, First American, Core Logic, and others. No single data vendor has all the best and most reliable data
  • We get our data from 3 main categories:
    • Government Sources
    • Industry Trade Associations
    • Private Sources



1. Identify market opportunities: Time Local Markets Right For Max ROI
  a. Discover and Identify Top Local Markets in seconds
  b. Capture the biggest gains in the shortest time by discovering hot local spots in order to get higher ROI in any market.
  c. Identify potential investment opportunities by targeting growing / emerging markets that meet your specific weighted criteria.
2. Make smarter real estate investments and more profits
  a. Know when to sell to maximize your revenues, while reducing risk.
  b. Eliminate the guesswork and manual labor to accurately determine future home price values
3. Managing mortgage and real estate portfolios: customer retention and marketing.
4. Measuring risk exposure to residential real estate: Identifying markets with the most risk/opportunity.
5. Leverage unique local intelligence and your strategic competitive advantage to build and grow your business.

Key Features

• We cover over 310,000 US markets.
• Our accuracy is ±2%
• Over 5-years of back-testing.
• With accurate local forecasts, Realtors can limit their client’s downside risk by assessing both the latest growth, and forecasting, locally and regionally.

Data That keeps You Ahead 

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