Real Estate Market Analysis and the Fear of Adopting New Real Estate Technology in 2020. As a real estate investor, data is paramount to your success. In order to make purchases that will turn into profits, you need to know not only the current state of the market but what the market’s forecasted to do as well. Without a local real estate forecast that’s accurate and up-to-date, your so-called ‘great investments’ may not turn out to be so great after all.

So what can you do as an investor or commercial broker? It’s time to get over the fear of adopting new real estate technology and use today’s available market analyses.

Why You Need Real Estate Market Analysis

Investing in commercial real estate is risky. You don’t know from one month to the next what the market may look like. What if you invest in an area where the new job growth is falling or the unemployment rate is high? What if you invest in an area where vacancies are incredibly high? Without current (updated monthly) data, you won’t know the current state of the market and risk investing in an area where your profits may be much less than anticipated.

You need to know the local trends. What businesses are soaring and which are failing? In uncertain times like now, there’s no way to predict what will happen – you need real-time data to make concrete decisions. Looking at generic real estate data for an entire area isn’t going to give you the answers you need as so many businesses today are highly volatile, many of which that never were before.

Using Leading Economic Indicators

You may never have thought to use economic indicators when choosing your real estate investments, but it’s a crucial piece of data. Looking just at large cities and their view from afar ignores what could be going on in smaller areas that aren’t directly tied to the larger cities.

Instead, you need to have your eye on:

Real Estate Market Analysis Factors

  • Leading indicators – Where is the economy going? How will it affect your real estate investment? Look at things like the stock market, manufacturing activity, inventory levels, retail sales, and even the housing market. Leading economic indicators are key, if frequently updated, at least quarterly and include the changes in Disposable Income Growth, GDP Growth, Job Growth, Median Income Growth, Net Worth Growth, New Business Growth, Population Growth and others.  IF frequently updated
  • Lagging indicators – While lagging indicators change after the economy changes, they give you a good idea of what the economy does over time, which is important information for your investment. Look at YEARLY updated factors like the, Consumer Price Index, interest rates, and corporate profits.

This is a lot of information that you need to make quality investments today. Why try to reinvent the wheel? Instead, adopt new technology into your practice that provides these data points and more. Make your job easier and your investments wiser by utilizing what technology has to offer. It’s not here to replace your job or take away profits from you. Instead, today’s technology helps you become the analyzer you need to be in order to make quality investments today and in the future as we continue to navigate our new turbulent world.

Our hope is that with more current market data and new real estate technology, the Fear of Adoption new technology for local Real Estate Market Analysis will be abated with Education.

As always, your comments are most appreciated.

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